November 25, 2017

Galafrey, La Violetta, Rockcliffe and Poacher's Ridge have been popping up in various articles and publications lately and I wanted to consolidate and share them with you.


Free Trade Agreement helps WA wine sales to China



Going the Distance


La Violetta

The New Guard of Western Australia Wine Varietals


Poacher's Ridge

Multi-Colour Australian Label Showcase


November 17, 2017

Kim Tyrer, winemaker of Galafrey Wines, shows off her strong photography game whilst in Singapore for the recent Great Southern wine events. 

We find her captures of Singapore architecture irresistible! What do you think?

November 7, 2017

4 award-winning estates from the Great Southern wine region came together in Singapore from 29 October to 31 October to host 3 days of events. 

A light evening breeze was beginning to blow when we started our set of events aboard Stewords Riverboat. The wine stations were set up on the top deck of the boat and a sense of excitement was building. Galafrey, Rockcliffe, Poacher's Ridge and La Violetta are seasoned practitioners at wine-tasting events. But on a boat?

The returning speed boats, fetching Kusu Island pilgrims back to Singapore, stirred the waters, gently rocking the otherwise steady riverboat.

Linda Tyrer (Galafrey) was grinning widely,

"I was the only one still standing and drinking at the bar when we crossed the English channel ... we'll be alright".

We planted our feet firmly on the ground on day two, in a wine bistro at the heart of Duxton Hill, a quintessential watering hole in a historic neighbourhood. Twenty trade and media representatives attended...

October 14, 2017

The much anticipated annual Great Southern Wine event in Singapore is coming and will be held from 29 to 30 October 2017! Come meet 4 esteemed estates from this "undiscovered fine wine region of Australia".

July 23, 2017

An exclusive, intimate dining experience in the lofty night skies of downtown Singapore -  Dr Steve Hall, owner of Rockcliffe flew especially to Singapore to host a group of Wine Edens guests for a wonderful dinner at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. 

Rockcliffe is a 5 red star winery located in the Great Southern wine region. They produce exceptional cool climate, late-harvest wines and is one of the largest and most esteemed in the region.

On behalf of Steve, I would like to thank our wonderful guests! They are friendly, humble and highly inquisitive with regards to the Great Southern wine region. As you can imagine, group dynamics can often be volatile, regardless of the quality of the food and beverage. In this case, it is a phenomenal joy to host the group that has gathered for the Rockcliffe wine dinner.

In retrospect, wine dinners are an exceptional opportunity for us to meet wine lovers and enjoy an evening of laughs and conversations. I get to learn their tastes, their likes and d...

June 16, 2017

It has been an intensive 2017 with the start of Wine Edens. We've been busy setting up the foundations of the company and establishing relationships in the industry given that we're a newcomer. And half the year has gone by already!

Progress thus far has been encouraging and I have great news to share, but in another post. For now, I am pleased to announce an exciting wine dinner on Tuesday, 18th July 2017.  

In collaboration with Rockcliffe Winery and Salt Grill & Sky Bar, we will be presenting Rockcliffe's exceptional wines in a special 5 course dinner. Details of the dinner menu are in the flyer below.

This is something you really don't want to miss and here's 3 reasons why:

1. Dr Steve Hall will be personally presenting his wines to you and also share his experiences at the vineyard, including the outlook for the latest vintage. How often do you have a dinner experience where the winery owner himself share about the wines you are drinking?!

2. Rockcliffe is a 5 red star winery - the hig...

May 24, 2017

Wine Australia published a glowing review of the Great Southern in a recent article in April 2017. 

Whilst I am eager to share a few snippets here, you can read up the full article via this link: https://www.wineaustralia.com/whats-happening/stories-of-australian-wine/places/discovering-wa%E2%80%99s-great-great-southern

A number of points made caught my attention as they speak closely to what I felt when I decided to start Wine Edens.

"Its wines are applauded and adored by the wine experts – the very first wines from the region are still one of the most awarded Western Australian wines today"

"The people of the Great Southern Region are a tenacious bunch and they know they’re not onto something just great. They’re onto something spectacular."

"And as more people take the time to visit and discover wines that not only have immense flavour, but an immense sense of place as well, the wines of Great Southern will reach their proper places as ‘Great’ wines. Until then, savvy wine lovers can enjo...

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