May 9, 2017


The Taste Great Southern festival is a major event on the calendar in Western Australia. Tens of thousands across the state and, on top of that, international travelers, descend into Albany, Mount Barker, Denmark and other towns to enjoy the delightful local produce, immerse in the musical festivities and rub shoulders with renowned celebrity chefs and winemakers. 

This annual event takes deep pride of what the region offers. The expansive coastline and fertile farmlands provide for fresh seafood, phenomenal farm produce and high-quality meat. Needless to say, the high density of exceptional wineries spread across this region promises visitors a taste of cool climate wines of distinction and the exciting opportunity to meet the winemakers behind them! 

The timing of the festival cannot be better for me as late March into early April represents the harvest period for the late-ripening, cool climate grapes. The invitation from Rockcliffe to visit the Great S...

February 11, 2017

Let's be honest. How many native Chinese winemakers do you see globally? 

Judges, critics, certified educators, stewards, connoisseurs and bloggers. Yes, there are many locally and internationally.

But a Chinese winemaker in a town of 6,500, located in the deep Southwestern part of Australia? A Chinese winemaker of a 5-red star winery? A Chinese winemaker who has a decade of experience over multiple vintages, different regions and varied grape varieties?

Michael Ng is, in my humble opinion, a head-turner in the industry. And if you leave aside the crass, superficial differentiation, I continue to find a set of captivating qualities.

During my time at Rockcliffe, I spent a couple of hours with Michael. His steadfast commitment to the daily labors of the winery meant our interaction was limited. But the time we shared left me with a deep, meaningful impression. 

Whilst the romantic allure of winemaking has diminished compared to the time he first started, Michael stil...

January 25, 2017

And as we came down an incline, Rockcliffe Winery came into view. A beautiful grass field folds gently downhill to our right. The late afternoon sun just peeking through the treeline where the grass field ends. A lush green vision of vines rises uphill on our left, extending beyond view.

January 16, 2017

Our destination will be Denmark. A 6,500 population town which one could rarely google for a successful hit because, Denmark (Scandinavian country) is typically the better known destination. Yes, this is how Wine Edens will do it. We explore wine regions you can barely google!

January 1, 2017

I am planning a trip to Great Southern Australia to search and find great wines in early 2017. This coincides with the harvest season, typically beginning from January through to March. It will be a great opportunity to participate in the process and be part of the experience when producers determine the best time to harvest the grapes.

Will keep you all informed of the experience. Can't wait! 

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