May 24, 2017

Wine Australia published a glowing review of the Great Southern in a recent article in April 2017. 

Whilst I am eager to share a few snippets here, you can read up the full article via this link: https://www.wineaustralia.com/whats-happening/stories-of-australian-wine/places/discovering-wa%E2%80%99s-great-great-southern

A number of points made caught my attention as they speak closely to what I felt when I decided to start Wine Edens.

"Its wines are applauded and adored by the wine experts – the very first wines from the region are still one of the most awarded Western Australian wines today"

"The people of the Great Southern Region are a tenacious bunch and they know they’re not onto something just great. They’re onto something spectacular."

"And as more people take the time to visit and discover wines that not only have immense flavour, but an immense sense of place as well, the wines of Great Southern will reach their proper places as ‘Great’ wines. Until then, savvy wine lovers can enjo...

May 9, 2017


The Taste Great Southern festival is a major event on the calendar in Western Australia. Tens of thousands across the state and, on top of that, international travelers, descend into Albany, Mount Barker, Denmark and other towns to enjoy the delightful local produce, immerse in the musical festivities and rub shoulders with renowned celebrity chefs and winemakers. 

This annual event takes deep pride of what the region offers. The expansive coastline and fertile farmlands provide for fresh seafood, phenomenal farm produce and high-quality meat. Needless to say, the high density of exceptional wineries spread across this region promises visitors a taste of cool climate wines of distinction and the exciting opportunity to meet the winemakers behind them! 

The timing of the festival cannot be better for me as late March into early April represents the harvest period for the late-ripening, cool climate grapes. The invitation from Rockcliffe to visit the Great S...

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