January 29, 2018

Last Friday 26th January 2018, we hosted a unique, private wine dinner at Chikuyotei, Intercontinental Hotel. 

It was a blast with fantastic company, amazing Japanese fine-dining cuisine and delightful pairing with cool climate wines from Rockcliffe Winery.  I wrote about my excitement for this wine dinner before here as this brings together so many unique ingredients to create a phenomenal experience.

For me, the evening turned out to be really successful and it gives me great confidence to work harder, seeing everyone having fun together! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and to meet new friends as well. Look out for the next wine dinner on 23rd February, Friday. Save the date!

We served five Rockcliffe Wines,

Quarram Rocks Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Single Site Riesling

Third Reef Rose

Single Site Pinot Noir

Rivage Sparkling Shiraz

Here's what we enjoyed:

January 29, 2018

We're well into the 2018 and continuing to host fantastic wine dinners and events. 2017 went by really quickly but every activity we held continues to stay fresh in our memories.

Here are the photos from the early Xmas Wine Dinner I hosted for a group of close friends and we were mostly part of a business network that comprises some of the most brilliant individuals I've met.  They are motivated, positive, resilient and very entrepreneurial.

It was a delight to host them and we had lots of fun. I still remember the wine list like it was yesterday and the conversations we had. You guys are fantastic!

January 24, 2018

A lot has been discussed about wine pairing. The art, science and principles behind it are reviewed and debated at length by experts and connoisseurs. I wrote about wine pairing wine Chinese New Year dishes recently as well (link: https://www.wineedens.com/single-post/2018/01/15/Chinese-New-Year-Wine-Pairing)

On Friday, 26th Jan 2018, we will be pairing several excellent, cool climate wines with Japanese omakase cuisine at the famed Chikuyotei restaurant, Intercontinental hotel. We will push the boundaries of wine pairing, testing conventions by bringing together Australian wines and authentic fine-dining Japanese dishes!

We will think on our feet - It's OMAKASE! ("trust the chef") - and let our senses lead the way. It is admittedly a challenge. We will, in all likelihood, make mistakes. But we will have fun in the process, in the company of French winemaker, Antony Paume, at this sell-out private, 10-guests event. 

Japanese omakase, Australian cool climate wines, French winemak...

January 19, 2018

Whilst I find myself recuperating from Xmas and New Year's festivities and reminiscing a trip to the vineyards at the start of 2018, Chinese New Year has crept up and is just around the corner! At the time of this post, we're just 28 days away from one of the most important time of the year.

A time when extended families re-connect, in rejoice or in reluctance (just being real!), a time when we wish for and wish to others great health, prosperity and happiness, and a time when we forgive ourselves for indulging in some goodies, a disregard from New Year's resolutions just a month ago, because its Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year brings great memories for me when it comes to food and I wanted to share some with you of my favorites and the wines that would pair well with them.

Yu Sheng (Lo Hei)

Yu Sheng is a quintessential Chinese New Year salad and an absolute favorite for many. My love for the dish is torn between its consumption and its dismantling, mixing and tossin...

January 7, 2018

The Great Southern wine region sits in the heart of Southwest Australia, where almost 8,000 unique plant species can be found. Among these species, 80% are not found anywhere else around the world! This region is identified as one of 25 original global hotspots for wildlife and plants, sprawling across a plethora of beautiful landscapes comprising forest reserves, mountain ranges and pristine beaches.

My recent visit to the Great Southern brought me to Porongurup National Park. Porongurup is one of 5 sub-regions and its National Park is a central attraction. Porongurup National Park is located 50 kilometre North of Albany. It is difficult to miss this 12-kilometre long range and a walk through the trails, climbing up its 670 metres peak is central to appreciating the wine region and be treated to an exhilarating, panoramic view of the sub-region. 

Much of this region is undisturbed over hundreds of millions of years, without ice or glacier influences, thereby allowing the evolu...

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