You're on foot, in a land where you don't speak the language, walking the country roads. The crisp song of summer cicadas follows you.

There's a sign up ahead, shady trees line the path, a fountain surrounded by flowers, a small village ...


The inhabitants sit in silence, watching you with one eye, the other on their glass, and these are the wines they drink.

Wine Wizard of the West

"Wine Wizard", "Lone Ranger", "One of the most influential of the new-wave producers", "a maverick" - Andrew Hoadley or AJ, has been called different names by wine writers, but one thing's for sure - La Violetta pushes conventions to produce consistently stunning results.

After working all over Australia's warm and cool wine regions and in Piedmonth, Abruzzo and Washington State, AJ Hoadley was inspired by the diversity and nuance found in the vineyards and sub-regions of Great Southern.


AJ created La Violetta, beginning production in 2008 at Denmark. The name "La Violetta" is derived from an old Piedmontese song celebrating intoxication.


Grapes are sourced from a handful of trusted growers with exceptional vineyards, some amongst the oldest in the wine region. Wine production is kept at a very small scale, where every vintage, every single wine is carefully handcrafted with a personal approach, often intuiting through the winemaking process.


The World's Finest Aussie Shiraz


Matthew Jukes


The first Shiraz to convince me that Western Australia can come up with the goods Shiraz-wise


Sarah Ahmed
Top Five Australian Wines of 2010

La Violetta Wines

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