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The Muller Thurgau grape is part of the original plantings at Galafrey in 1977. Over 40 years of dry grown vineyard approach to this Riesling clone has led to a fruit and wine that is not just rare around the world, but one that is intense, elegant and highly unique. 


The Muller grape, naturally, has half the acidity of Riesling. We have to pick the grape at the right time, at its optimal, fruit-driven spectrum, otherwise the acids drop very quickly. And so, this is the first fruit that we harvest at the vineyard.
The 2017 Muller is, again, quite tropical fruit-driven. The colour is very light with a touch of straw. The aroma holds flavours of pear, guava, papaya and spit of orange peel, orange blossoms and herbaceous characters too. The palate is fresh, not overly complex and you will find some oiliness and buttery feel also. The finish is smooth and full-flavoured, helped by the sugars at the back. 
Generally 2017 white varieties had more acidity here in the region and so the Muller 2017 vintage had more acidity and body than previously.  
The Muller for us provides something elegant, fine and quite beautiful towards those looking for alternative grape varieties here in Australia. Others here make alternative grapes that are broad and flabby and this isn't the case.

Galafrey Muller Thurgau 2017