Australian Label of the Week - Oct 2017

Poacher's Ridge wines stand out with its unique and highly personal labels that articulate its authenticity, immense quality and limited production quantities. Many have asked me about the labels and its a joy to share the story.




Alex Taylor wrote the following piece to explain the inspiration and efforts behind the label:


"In a market where claims of being a producer of a craft product were so liberal we realised it was hard for the consumer to recognize authenticity in brands and truly craft products. We have always known what a special drop our wines were, but we decided it was time we let everyone else in on the secret a bit more.


Following our Rebranding Review, we were able to gather together all the things that we do, collectively, that really differentiate who we are and what we do and why we are different.


To summarise the new labels from 2015, contain the following pieces of information that we think help to describe who we are and what we are about.


The label paper is a special heavy textured “cotton” stock for a premium feel.

We found a better way to articulate what we had been doing all along. On the front label we now use the descriptor “Terrior Driven”. The French word Terrior has been used to describe the uniqueness of a particular location, its’ land and its’ microclimate. We have used this but in our definition, we also add that it is about the way we cultivate our vines and make our wines. It is about our passion for making the wines.


The labels also tell you that our grapes are always hand harvested. This reflects the nature of our small operation and the dependency on what the seasons deliver.   We tell you the date of picking, the rows that the grapes come from (this can differ year to year) and the bottle number from the total produced. Nothing new on the last point except to communicate just how limited/small batch these bottle runs are. On the back we tell you a little bit about the small village that is nearby and how the ancient soils come from the old granite mountains nearby.


Lastly the labels feature built in flecks (stains) which are unique to each bottle. This further promotes the notion of Terroir i.e. soil and bacteria. The labels have pushed the boundaries of label making technology according to our label makers who claim that these are the most complicated (digital) labels the Printers have ever done as it utilised all aspects of their machinery at once (unique bottle numbers, cycles through background flecks from label to label, die cut, high build silkscreen varnish). The labels were recently voted the Australian Label of the week by the Wine Business Magazine in October 2017."









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