"I  love to explore wine regions that are off the beaten track and share its treasures,

exceptional wines and amazing stories,

 with you"

We are passionate evangelists of the estates and wines we represent.

Wine Edens is started with a deep passion towards pristine wine regions that produce exceptional wines. And we believe a wine region's authenticity, a vineyard's unique history and a winemaker's fanatic passions are what make a great wine exceptional.

In our search, we found the Great Southern wine region of Australia. 

You will find that we have selected award-winning wineries where each one of them hold a very unique story and articulates a distinct style to the wines they produce. The only constant they share? Stunning wines.

To tell their story, we share the estates' passion by dedicating ourselves to the harvesting and wine-making process during every vintage and build personal, lasting relationships, atypical to common practices in the industry.

Now that we've found you an exceptional wine, there's just very limited quantities of it.

The caveat though, is these estates are small, producing very limited quantities - as little as 1800 bottles per wine. As you can imagine, they sell-out quickly in domestic markets.

We only ask that you re-tell their stories to your friends and how cherished these wines are. Yes, go brag about it.


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